Health Risks of Diet Soda


I know so many people who drink Diet Soda and I know that everyone knows that drinking pop/soda/coke is bad for you, but I don’t think they really understand how much worse diet is than regular! It’s so scary for me to think about all of these possible side effects from something that is supposed to be considered “safe” when in reality you are really just drinking poison and slowly killing your body. Also, forgive the typo on the image, it’s supposed to say “These cause DNA and Cell Damage.” I swear I edited this image like 4 times correcting my spelling and I STILL missed things *smacks head on desk* long days are long days, right!?

Share it with your friends on facebook or pinterest (there are buttons!) and if you’re a diet soda drinker, check into all of the bad effects that aspartame can have on you, it’s scary! What I have listed is only a few of the possible side effects.



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