Hula Hoop for Fitness and Fertility!


Image courtesy of flickr: Groupon

Once upon a time hula hooping was thought to be just a children’s toy. Something to keep them occupied as they had competitions to see who could make the hoop go round and round the most times. Well now, there are more and more benefits for adults to start using a hula hoop, specifically women!

I have a friend named Heather who has used Hula Hooping along with a weight loss product to go from a 52″ waist all the way down to a healthy 34″ waist, she sported a bikini for the first time this year!

So what kinds of benefits can Hula Hooping have for you? Well let’s take a look!

Hula hooping works out your hip, groin, back, lower belly and upper abs. It strengthens your entire core, which improves your posture and just 10 minutes a day can help you lose 2 inches a month off of your waist!

But a great benefit for women is that it can actually increase your fertility! According to some recent studies that have been done on the matter, they say because all of your reproductive organs are in the lower abs/hip/groin area, when you hula hoop it increases blood flow to these organs and helps to nourish them so that they work properly.

Pretty cool right?! Before you run out to buy yourself a hula hoop, make sure you get the right size! has all different sizes and even has a special one for pregnant women!

Have fun hooping your way to health 🙂



I am not a doctor! I am not giving fertility advice, if you have a fertility issue please check with your doctor!

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