80 Calorie Mock Wendy’s Frosty

I love chocolate ice cream, I mean really, what girl doesn’t? But who hates the 900 calories that come with chocolate milkshakes or frosty’s? Yeah, pretty much every girl. So I have great news for you! Here is an awesome recipe, that is only 80-100 calories (depending if you use real sugar or stevia).


flickr: snowpea&bokchoi

What you’ll need:

1 CUP Nonfat (skim) milk
2 TBSP Sugar-Free, Fat Free Chocolate Pudding Mix
1 TSP Vanilla Extract
1 TSP Unsweetened Cocoa
1/2 TBSP Sugar or 1/2tsp stevia
2 TBL Cool-Whip Free (optional)
7 Ice Cubes

Blend until smooth and serve! 

That’s it! Super simple and yum! 🙂


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