Lipstick and Makeup Organizers

Alright, so I’ll be honest; I have a lot of makeup. Shocking right?! No seriously though, I have 3 large makeup bags full of amazing makeup products and I have been feeling very disorganized and flustered with everything everywhere. So I’ve decided to be very Monica-like (you know, from Friends?) and I purchased some organizers from Amazon so that I can alphabetize everything and put it in it’s own little place.

I just thought I would share the organizers with you because they are actually really inexpensive and a lot easier than DIY ones. I tried the DIY ones and I’m crafty and just ended up tossing it and spending less on the pre-made ones. SO, here they are!

Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Acrylic Lipstick Holder

This gem holds 24 lipsticks, which if I’m honest, probably isn’t going to hold all of my lipsticks. But it’s a start, and I liked that it was tiered so I could have an easier time pulling the lipsticks out. I don’t like the flat box ones because I feel like my fingers would get stuck trying to get one of the lipsticks in the middle of it out.

Cost? Drumroll please; $3.99 + FREE shipping, steal of a deal. I mean really, it’s a good deal and cheaper than any DIY version you’d do yourself.

You can get it here on

Acrylic makeup drawer holder

Then there’s this gem which I plan to use to store all of my pigment eyeshadows and blushes.

Cost: $28 + Prime shipping eligible.

You can get it here on

makeup brush holder diy 51hETy+TfKL

For my makeup brushes I bought a 6″ glass vase and some pink gemstones. I’ll put the gemstones in the bottom and stick the brush handles in it upside down for a cute little holder 🙂

You can get that here;

Do you have your makeup organized? I’d love to see your setup!


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