NUME Classic 19mm Curling Wand Review

Nume Wand 19mm

NUME Classic 19mm Curling Wand Review

Nume curling wand 19mm

Alright, so I bought the NUME Classic 19mm curling wand during a Black Friday sale and since then I had only used it once. So I thought I would pull it out and do a review today giving my honest opinions on it.

I wanted to say that when it came to the curls in the above picture, I first did all of the curls tightly then when they cooled* off I brushed them out to give them more of a beachy/bouncy curl

* note: “cooled off” is an important step, if you do it when they are hot you brush the curls out.


  • It gave me something to do on a frigid temperature day, where I can’t leave the house (currently -12 outside)
  • Makes really cute curls
  • Curls hold longer it seems
  • Comes with a glove. Some reviews I read before I made the purchase, said that it didn’t come with a glove and that you needed to purchase one from Sally’s. I decided to take my chances and wait until it came in, and it came with one! So maybe they read all the reviews and decided to up their game.
  • Gets nice and hot, very quickly.


  • Retail price point: $139
  • Learning curve; it’s not so easy to learn how to curl your hair without a clip, I had a fairly hard time doing my right side and trying to contort myself to make it work.
  • There’s no stand on the wand itself, so if you have to pee in the middle of doing your hair, you have to carefully hold the wand while you use the toilet, or it’s going to fall off the counter or into the sink, or whatever.
  • Top of the handle gets hot after about 15 minutes of using it, so you have to make sure your hand stays down far enough on the plastic part or you can burn your fingers.

At one point during my hair curling, I happened to look at myself in the mirror and think, “wow, I have like 9 chins right now, that’s attractive.”

Nume Wand 19mm review

and when I looked back at my head I was almost burning myself in the fact with where the wand was… so ya know, pay attention or you could be a serious liability to yourself.

Overall I do love this curling wand, it does take some time to get used to it though. I feel like I should have picked a larger size wand, as 19mm makes really small curls and since I’m not mathematically inclined, I didn’t realize that 19mm was 3/4″. I feel like it would work amazing for people who have thinner hair or not so much volume, but I have super thick Italian hair and I need a larger diameter curling iron or it takes me 2 hours to curl my hair.

Do I feel like it’s worth $139? If you curl your hair a lot, then yes. It heats up quickly, it produces a very nice consistent result throughout. However, they do a lot of sales and if you’re patient you might be lucky enough to catch one. I got mine for $9.99 + shipping during the Black Friday sale and it was totally worth it.

Nume Wand Review

You can click here to get your own NUME wand. 

Do you have a NUME wand? Do you love it?! Let me know in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “NUME Classic 19mm Curling Wand Review

  1. Jaimie says:

    I love mine! I have burned myself on it haha. And I don’t like that it’s hard to set down because of the lack of stand. I kind of wondered if it was pretty much ALWAYS $10ish. Kinda like how kohls says “these earring were $115 but now they’re only $20!” I wonder if it’s just a way to make you feel like you’re getting a deal.

    • I had thought that at first too Jaimie, but it’s currently $139 without any discount. But I do know that it went on sale at least twice last year. So I feel that they will have more sales in the future.

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