Baltic Amber Necklace Benefits

Hello Everyone!!

I have recently moved, thus the lack of communication on my end, I apologize! We had 3 weeks of moving and it was just absolute craziness.

Obviously along with moving and getting settled in there was going to be some muscle soreness, but I had also been getting a ton of tension headaches and I was tired of it! So I asked around to see what I could do and everyone suggested trying these Baltic Amber necklaces.

I was like, “Aren’t those just for babies?” and they said, “Nope! Good for everyone!” so I started doing some more research on them and I was seriously surprised at all of the benefits some little crystalized stones could give! Baltic Amber Necklaces

I ended up buying this necklace from Hippie Hoopla, I had a few questions before I placed my order and she responded so quickly that I couldn’t even send a message correcting my error (I called her Amber when her name is Michelle…. lol, I hadn’t had coffee yet) by the time I wrote, “I am so sorry! I haven’t had coffee yet! I didn’t mean to call you Amber!” she had already responded with answers to my questions I had asked! Great customer service.

Okay onto some benefits of Amber (note: I am not a doctor of any sort, this is not meant to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure anything. This is purely interesting information that I found)

  • It stimulates the nervous system, strengthens the activity of kidneys and intestine, used as a anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic agent.
  •  Succinic acid is used for the treatment of various kinds of anemia, acute radiculitis and cardiovascular diseases.
  • It has been established that amber acid improves cellular respiration and glucose metabolism, which provides the body with the energy needed to perform physical work.
  • Succinic acid can be used for the prevention and treatment of colds.
  • Succinic acid is a powerful anti aging substance (it inhibits and stops the buildup of free radicals).
  • Succinic acid helps with the healing of wounds.
  • Succinic acid improves heart, liver, kidney, and intestinal function.
  • Succinic acid stimulates skin cells, rejuvenates them and helps them to maintain their firmness and elasticity.
  • When released into baby’s skin it produces a calming effect which decreases pain and reduces colic

11164822_943138692398270_2115501070626264435_nMe wearing it.

Michelle did tell me that the lighter the color amber the more succinic acid (meaning the more potent it is). I tend to like darker colors, but I wanted the best one because I need it!

In the 25 minutes that I have been wearing it, my sinuses have drained, my neck has relaxed a bit and I can feel my ear unclogging (allergies suck). I’d give it 10 stars so far! Can’t wait to see how it is over a longer period of time!