Sunday Paper Coupon Preview

DND = Do not Double
Better Than! $1/1 dog treat
Chex Mix $.50/2 4.5oz+
Colgate $.50/1 manual toothbrush excludes Plus, Triple Action, Extra Clean and Classic
Colgate $.50/1 toothpaste 4oz+
Crayola $1/1 Ultimate Art Supplies Case or Marker Maker TARGET COUPON
Crayola $2/1 Marker Airbrush, Create 2 Destroy Dino Destruction or Create 2 Destroy Fortress Invasion  TARGET COUPON
Crayola $4/1 Digital Light Designer or Melt ‘n Mold Factory TARGET COUPON
Dr. Scholl’s $5/1 Massaging Gel insoles, For Her insoles, pain relief orthotics or Active Series replacement insoles $7.95+
Hormel $1/1 refrigerated entree
Mariani $.50/1 dried fruit snack  DND
Phazyme $2/1 product  DND
Philips Norelco $10/1 Click & Style YS524 or PowerTouch with Aquatec razor or StyleShaver QS6140 or QS6160
Philips Norelco $20/1 SensoTouch 2D razor
Philips Norelco $30/1 SensoTouch 3D 1250 razor
Philips Norelco $5/1 PowerTouch razor or replacement head or trimmer $29.99+
Pillsbury $.30/2 refrigerated Grands! biscuits
Pillsbury $.40/1 crescent dinner rolls excludes twin pack
Pillsbury $.40/2 sweet rolls or Grands! sweet rolls
Starbucks $1.50/1 k-cup 10 or 16ct
Starbucks $1/1 VIA Ready Brew 5ct+
Starbucks $2/2 coffee 10oz+
Swisse $5/1 product
Torani $1/1 DND
Torani $2.50/2  DND
Zim’s $2/1 product


Of course I just bought Torani’s today before I looked up the weekly circular coupons. Shame on me. lol I will learn to be patient from now on :-p


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Walgreens Deals Week of 11/17

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 8.57.35 AM

Walgreens Deals Week of 11/17

Purex Laundry detergent Buy 1 Get 2 Free (Must be same price 24-32 loads or Ultrapack 18 ct)

Purex Laundry Detergent
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Nature’s Bounty Vitamins – if you are lucky enough go to Walgreens now and get one of the Diabetes magazines, there is a coupon in there for $5 off. However, people have been clearing the shelves of these vitamins, (literally some are buying 150 things of vitamins, not cool guys, have ethics) due to a misprint in this week’s ad, so this deal may or may not work next week.

Sparkle Paper Towels $2.44 use $0.50/1 coupon from Sunday’s paper 11/17 total: $1.99

Dixie Plates
Dixie Plates B1G1, use 2 coupons printable from here; for $0.55/1 Final cost $1.44/ea
Maxwell House Coffee $2.99 use $1/1 from 11/17 final cost $1.99

Crayola Art Supplies (Various) B1G1 50% off, use for $1 off 8ct markers (final price varies by store, anywhere from $1/ea)

3/$1 Activity Pads – great stocking stuffer limit 3

Q-Tips $2.99, get 1,000 points when purchased, so it’s like paying $1.99

Axe or Dove Body Gel or Shower wash, 2/$9 + 2,000 points, use 2 coupons $1/1 from Sundays paper 11/17 it’s like paying $2.50/ea

Tresemme Shampoo or Conditioner $3.99/ea use $2.50 off coupon, pay $1.49

Revlon Hair Color

Revlon ColorSilk Hair Color 2/$6 + 2,000 points, like paying 2/$4

Dove Mens Deodorant
B1G1 50% off Dove or Degree Deodorant, use $3/2 coupon in Sunday’s paper (11/17) + 2,000 reward points (prices vary)

Oral B Cross Action toothbrush, Crest pro-health clinical toothpaste, crest mouthwash, Glide Floss 2/$7, 4,000 points ($4) like getting it 2/$3, use coupon $1/2 Crest products from P&G 10/27 for a final cost of 2/$2 or $1/ea

Colgate, Spend $10 get $5 RR (Register Rewards), use coupon from P&G 10/27 use (2) $1/1 Mouthwash, like paying 2/$3

NyQuil 2/$9 + 2,000RR ($2) , use (2) $1/1 coupon, like paying 2/$5

Angel Soft Toilet paper, $3.44, use $0.45 off coupon like paying $2.99

B1G1 50% off Huggies Diapers, use (2) $1.50/1 coupons, $19.49 less coupons $16.49 or $8.24/ea


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Sunday Paper Coupon Preview 11/17

Do you ever wonder what coupons are coming out and if it will be worth it to buy the paper this week? Well, now you will know!

ETS = Excludes Trial SizesND =  No Doubling

Alouette $1/1 brie  ND
Alouette $1/1 spreadable cheese  ND
Angel Soft $.45/1 bath tissue
Angel Soft $.50/1 facial tissue
Best Foods $.50/1 22oz+ product
Brawn $.55/1 paper towels
Bridgford $.50/1 frozen rolls, bread dough or monkey bread
Caress $.75/1 body wash 12oz or 6pk, or bar  ETS
Crunchmaster $1/1 bag or box crackers
Degree $3/1 women clinical or 2 women motionsense or ultraclear products  ETS
Diamond of California $.55/1 8oz+ item
Dogswell $1.50/1 treat 15oz or smaller
Dove $1/1 body wash 12oz+ ETS
Dove Men+Care $1/1 body and face wash 13.5oz+  ETS
Dove $3/2 go sleeveless, go fresh, clear tone or 1 clinical protection excludes trial, multipacks and M+C
Head & Shoulders $1/2 products excludes 1.7oz and trial
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! $.40/1 spread excludes sticks and spray
Knorr $.50/2 recipe/sauce/gravy mix products
Knorr $1/1 homestyle stock
Lipton $.40/1 tea bag, k-cup, tea & honey or iced tea mix
Lipton $1/1 k-cup
Magnum $1/1 ice cream multipack
McCormick $1.75/2 extracts
Nestle $.75/2 toll house morsels
Pedigree $1/1 dry food for dogs 3.5lbs+
Pedigree $1/1 Little Champions pouch variety pack 8 or 12ct or 6 single pouches or 6 13.2oz cans
Ponds $1.50/1 luminous finish bb+ cream product ETS
Ponds $1.50/2 skin care items TARGET COUPON ETS
Ponds $1/1 product ETS
Quilted Northern $.45/1 ultra plush 6 double rolls+
Quilted Northern $.45/1 ultra soft & strong 6 double rolls+
Ragu Buy 2 red sauces, get 1 cheese creations free excludes twin packs up to $2.50
Shedd’s Spread $.40/1 Country Crock product excludes trial and pumpkin/cinnamon and honey
Simple Buy 1 cleanser or moisturizer, get 1 cleansing wipes free up to $6.99 excludes eye roll-on, eye balm and trial
Sparkle $.50/1 paper towels 2 giant rolls+
Splenda $1/1 sweetener packets 200ct+, sweetener granulated 9.7oz+, sugar blend products or nectresse sweetener  ND
Splenda $3/2 sweetener packets 200ct+, sweetener granulated 9.7oz+, sugar blend products or nectresse sweetener  ND
St. Ives $1.50/1 Fresh Hydration lotion spray  TARGET COUPON ETS
St. Ives $1/1 9oz+ hand & body lotion or 24oz body wash excludes Fresh Hydration and trial TARGET COUPON
St. Ives $1/1 facial skin care item excludes Fresh Hydration and trial  TARGET COUPON
Suave $.50/1 2.6oz deodorant product
Suave $1.50/1 body lotion  ETS
Suave B2G1 free body wash excludes kids and trial up to $3
Suave Professionals Buy 1 shampoo, get 1 conditioner free up to $5 ETS
Superpretzel $.50/1 pretzeldogs
Superpretzel $.75/2 products
TRESemme $5/2 products excludes gift packs and trial
Vanity Fair $1/2 napkins or guest hand towels
Vaseline $1.50/1 lotion 20.3flox  ETS
Wet n Wild $1/1 wet n wild, fergie or gift set product
White Castle $.50/1 6+ microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers
White Castle $1/1 16+ microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers

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A Messy Childhood

Often times as a parent, I find myself saying “No.” to things, because I don’t feel like cleaning up the mess it would create. As a mom I can think of 8,000 I need to do, from vacuuming the living room, to doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom sink, making sure everyone is fed, cleaned, cared for. Not to mention I work from home in 3 different categories of jobs, so there’s always something for me to do. But this morning while I was taking a shower, you know, one of those kinds where I had 5 minutes of peaceful glory that every mom dreams about, I was thinking about my own childhood. I remember playing in the mud, making mud pies and sticking my hand in it and waiting for it to dry. I remember playing in the rain and learning to cook my own food and making “soup” out of water and spices and being told the brutally honest truth that it was terrible and when I was upset, made to try it myself so I could understand why it was terrible (that brought on the very early and important lesson of always tasting food before serving it).

I realized that I wanted my daughter to have a messy childhood. I want her to play in the rain, jump in mud puddles, get her clothes and hands dirty. I want her to paint with her fingers and create what she thinks is the most beautiful masterpiece. I want her to learn to cook and bake, two skills that I believe to be vital to her health in the future. On the other end of a mess is something beautiful, a mind that is expanding, learning and growing. Not only that but cooking teaches her to follow directions, learn math and chemistry, to be independent. It’s teaching her to be creative and try new things, it’s allowing her to experience life.

So today my little one and I got messy and made some homemade bread. She’s only 4 so I measured the ingredients out for her, but she followed directions and did the rest. She’s very proud of her loaf of bread 🙂



Bread Recipe:


1/4 cup milk
5 teaspoons sugar (or 1 1/2 tablespoons)
1 teaspoons salt
5 teaspoons butter (or 1 1/2 tablespoons)
1 package active dry yeast (2.5 teaspoons)
2 1/2 to 3 1/2 cups flour (get unbleached white for your first attempt)
Corn starch or nonstick cooking spray
1 cup of warm water

Add the yeast to the cup of warm water and let it dissolve (usually 5-10 minutes).
Melt the butter in the microwave and then add that along with the milk, sugar, and salt to the yeast mixture and mix it until the sugar dissolves.
Then add 2 cups of flour and mix in, add 1/4 cup of flour at a time until it’s no longer sticky. Then flour a surface and knead the dough (or if you’re fortunate enough to have a Kitchen Aid mixer put the dough attachment on and knead for 10 minutes. Place it in a greased bowl and let it rise for 1 hour.

After 1 hour punch the dough down into a rectangle and roll it up place it in the pan and let it rise for another hour, put the oven on at 375 and bake for 30 minutes.



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Natural Cough Remedies for Kids


Natural Cough Remedies for Kids

It’s cold and flu season, my little munchkin was among the lucky and came down with a cold, but with kids you can’t give them cough medicine. Any child under 6 it is deemed unsafe for them to take any kind of cough medicine and it actually wouldn’t work on them anyway because their little bodies are still developing. So what can you do so that you both can get some sleep at night?

1. Onions (safe for all ages)
Seriously, this works. It will make your house smell like an Italian restaurant, but it works so well that I don’t care because I’d rather sleep peacefully.
Chop an onion, place it in a bowl of warm water and put it in the room where the child will be sleeping. It’s safe for people of all ages, from newborn on up! This is my favorite thing for coughs because it works so well.

2. Honey and lemon “tea” (not suitable for children under 1, sometimes up to 2 years old ask your pediatrician when honey is acceptable).
Heat up a cup of water and add honey and lemon to taste.

3. Lavender essential oil (safe for all ages)
Add 2-4 drops of essential oil to a vaporizer for coughing relief. This was my go-to before I found out about the onion, it works well, but I still think the onion works the best.

4. Eucalyptus oil (vaporizer method safe for all ages, on child must be 5+)
Add 3-5 drops to a vaporizer for coughing relief. For older children (over the age of 5) you can mix a few drops of oil with olive oil and rub it into the soles of their feet to stop coughing (much like the vicks remedy but all natural).

5. Chicken soup – the sodium content helps to coat the throat, break up mucus and calm coughing. Obviously to be used on children who are old enough to eat, you can serve broth to younger children (1+)

This information is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. I am in no way a doctor, physician, or nurse, just sharing methods that have worked for me – a mom – and countless others when it comes to caring for our children. 🙂

I hope your nights are easy and your rest is peaceful this holiday/cold/flu season!


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