Every Day Eye Makeup

Every Day Eye Makeup 

Sometimes we just like simple easy things that make our eyes pop. Well this look is just that! It looks natural when your eyes are open and helps to highlight your eyes without being overpowering 🙂 
After you prime your eyes using the Glorious primer, dab “Innocent” all over the eye as the base color, then use “Irresistible” on the inner crease and use “Infatuated” on the outer corner of the crease, blend any harsh edges together and voila, a simple every day look!

Every day eye look using Younique Makeup

Every day eye look using Younique Makeup

Pigments from Younique; http://www.getlonglashes.com 




3D Fiber Lash Mascara and The Crazy Lady

So today I was wearing my 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. I clearly did an amazing job, I had 4 people comment and ask me what false lashes I was wearing, because they wanted to get the same kind. I said, “I’m not wearing any fake lashes! Just 3D Fiber lash mascara!” I mostly got the response of, “No way! Those are not your real lashes! They are!? Oh my gosh, I HAVE to have that stuff!” 

However, there was one special interaction that I had, with a woman who did not believe me when I said they weren’t fake lashes. I assured her they were my real lashes and not falsies. She looked at me with her hands on her hips, glaring into my eyes as she said, “You’re a f##!ing liar!” I said, “No ma’am, I am not! These are real, I promise you!” she said “You’re so full of s*!$, I can’t believe you are so stuck up that you wont tell me which fake lashes you’re wearing.” 
“I’m not wearing any fake lashes. I’ve told you already, it’s 3D Fiber Lash mascara, I can give you a website if you’d like. I’ll even pull on my lashes to show you they aren’t fake.” I responded, calmly and with a smile. 

“Ugh. You know what? It’s fine, you don’t have to tell me which ones you’re wearing. I’m sure I can ask others in the salon what to wear.” 
“Well, if you’d like for me to give you suggestions on false lashes I can, but you asked what I was wearing so I told you.” 
She shook her head, mumbled something under her breath and walked away. 

I was highly entertained by this interaction, it didn’t anger me at all. All I could keep thinking was how great my lashes looked that she thought I was lying and wouldn’t tell her the magic secret of my lashes. Lady, you can have them! I told you what I used! haha. Some people never learn, but it’s their loss. I love my 3D Lash mascara, it’s the best! Clearly! 

www.getlonglashes.com  <– Everyone wants this stuff, that’s where you go to get it! 

3D Fiber Lash Mascara