Tyra Beauty 2 Minute Tyover Review

Tyra Beauty 2 Minute Tyover Review

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated, we’ve had a lot going on this year and I really haven’t tried much new makeup in a while!

However, this Tyra Beauty 2 minute Tyover had me curious. I kept popping across random YouTube videos where people were using these sticks that looked like they were easily blendable and eventually curiosity got the best of me.

I ordered the products from HSN (which I find to be a huge downfall for the beautytainers in the company because HSN offers free shipping, which saves $7-$12 per order)

Anyway, let’s get to it!

2 Minute Tyover

This is how the package came, in cute little boxes. Upon first look, they were smaller than I had anticipated. For whatever reason I was imagining them about double the size they actually were. But I figured that if they were good quality and I didn’t need to use a lot of product, it would still be okay.

This is my Before and After. I also used foundation, lipgloss, blush, eyeshadow and mascara – the total look took me 10 minutes because I was playing with the eyeshadow stick from Mally and debating how much I wanted haha. I redid the look today and it took me about 5 minutes to complete.

2 minute Tyover

The highlighting and contouring of the Tyover is actually super simple. I am very pleased with the product, it goes on smoothly, it lasted from 5pm – 3am without a problem, and then I fell asleep and woke up and it was still there haha (it was my husbands birthday and we went out!) it washes off easily, but stays put during activities. I didn’t use too much of the product, but honestly with my complexion I feel like the light/medium blends a little too well into my natural skin color, so I think I need the darker shade.

However, I really loved it! It makes me want to try the other products since this made highlighting and contouring so simple. The formula is creamy, blends well, lasts long. 5 stars!

Go try some! 🙂


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