Younique’s Divine Moisturizer

Younique’s Divine Moisturizer

Everyone loved Brilliant Moisturizing Gel and everyone knows that winter is the worst time of year for dry skin! I wanted to share with you Younique’s brand new moisturizer “Divine”  it’s absolutely fabulous and everyone is loving it and I know you will too!

Younique's Divine Moisturizer

Some of it’s fantastic ingredients include;
Blue Lotus Flower Extract – oxygenates and refreshes the skin
Honeysuckle Flower Extract – known as an anti inflammatory and it helps repair skin cells.
Witch Hazel – Acne fighter, reduces puffy eyes, it’s an astringent and can help reduce vericose veins/dark circles, it refreshes, locks in moisture, helps treat razor burn. It’s all around amazing.

Are you convinced? I know I am. This stuff is fab!

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** These statements have not been approved by the FDA and are not meant to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. If you have any concerns please ask your doctor before using. **

Super Easy DIY Watercolor Mug

Super Easy DIY Watercolor Mug

I’m in various makeup groups on facebook and these groups like to do secret swaps where you get a name and you buy them gifts and send it in the mail. I love doing it, it’s so much fun because you never know what you’re going to get! Well, in this particular swap it’s a Secret Valentine’s Day Swap and the spending limit is $50. Which, if you are a makeup lover you know that gets you like one good palette and that’s it, sometimes not even! So while I’m getting her a few smaller makeup goodies, I also wanted to do something more personalized and creative.

This mug is SO easy to do and took me literally 5 minutes, but it looks adorable!

What you’ll need
Ceramic Mug
Nail Polish
Dish filled with warm water (deep enough to dip the mug into)
Dishwasher Safe Sealant

Add a few drops of nail polish to the dish with the warm water, you can take a tooth pick and swirl it around if you want, or create whatever design. Then you just dip the ceramic mug in, lift it out, pat it (gently) dry and let it sit for a few hours to harden. I recommend sealing it with Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Sealant, as it’s non-toxic and will let you pop it in the dishwasher.  🙂

Easy DIY Watercolor Mug

This was such a fun project for me, I’m going to do a bunch of different colors 😀


Younique’s Touch Pressed Powder Foundation Review

Younique’s Touch Pressed Powder Foundation Review

Alright, so everyone knows that Younique is growing in popularity. November 2013 there were less than 9,000 Younique Presenters and currently there are over  156,346 ( number pulled from their website, here).

So with their 14 day “Love It’ Guarantee, what’s the harm in trying their products, right? Without any further ado I am going to go ahead and review Younique’s Touch Pressed Powder Foundation, now this is not their only foundation. They also have a cream foundation, but I’ll save that for another post.


Foundation Rating: 9/10 

Cost: $32 or 2/$60
Finish: Very Matte
Coverage: Medium / Full
Longevity: All Day Coverage
How often will you need to repurchase if used daily: 3-5 months
Skin type recommended to wear this: Oily

This foundation is really quite amazing and definitely one of my absolute favorites that I have purchased. However, it does have a very very matte finish, if you have oily skin this foundation will be a dream come true for you! It soaks up oil SO well. But if you are a normal/dry skin type, then you’ll need something underneath it to keep the moisture in your face. Their BB Cream goes amazingly well paired with this and will give you a full coverage finish. When I put it on, I don’t need to do touch-ups at all throughout the day, it stays put and is lovely.

The best way to apply it is with a flat head makeup brush in a circular motion all over the face. Overall this foundation is amazing and I love it and I know that you will too!  The reason it scored a 9/10 is because it is very matte and I generally prefer something slightly less matte.

Do you have this foundation? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

You can get the foundation by clicking here. 🙂 


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift Algae Mask

So I know that there’s this crazy thing out there right now that everyone has seen on YouTube that instantly erases puffiness and wrinkles from your face. However, when I looked into it more I found that one of the ingredients is really awful for you, and is actually recommended not to use near your eyes (which is where everyone has been using it). So I set out to find something amazing and similar and that’s when I came across Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift Algae Mask.

It comes in a cute little case like that along with 6 sets of pure marine algae Eye Masks (12 total) and 6 Activator Fluid capsules. It doesn’t sound like much, right? Well, you’re wrong! Not only did it help the puffiness of my eyes and felt awesome while using it, but it has so many amazing ingredients in it and nothing awful.

Organic borage seed oil, organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic aloe leaf juice, organic white grape juice, organic apple juice, organic lemon juice, organic grapeseed oil, a proprietary blend of apple buds, grape buds, lemon bark, vitamin c, organic cucumber, organic white tea leaf, organic chamomile, organic marigold, organic amica flower and algin.

Did you read all of that?! It’s fantastic! All natural ingredients, and in 10 minutes my eyes felt refreshed, I looked better, I felt happier because I looked better haha. Plus with all of those amazing organic ingredients just soaking into my skin it made it so much softer! I love this stuff and I highly recommend it!

Just for your amusement here’s a silly picture of my with the mask on.

Juice Beauty Activator Mask

Want to get it yourself? You can find it in stores at Ulta, or you can grab it from here at

Have you tried this? What do you think of it? Leave a comment below and let me know!


How to Get Dramatic Results using Younique’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

So you want to know how to get dramatic results using Younique’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara? Well you’re in luck. I put this little video together for you! Hopefully it will help you get dramatic results and learn how to build off the first coat of lashes 🙂

Don’t have 3D Fiber Lash Mascara yet? Go get it!