Glitterizing Your Lipstick Tubes

Lately I’ve been seeing these glitterizing lipstick tubes that are selling for $20 + cost of lipstick and I thought, “hey why don’t I show everyone how to glitterizing your lipstick tubes!?” It’s simple, but it did take me a few tries to get it the way I liked it haha. 
What you’ll need; 

Lipstick Tube 


Mod Podge 

Foam brush 

What you’ll do is you’ll dip the foam paint brush into the mod Podge and brush it on the tube, I make sure the little center area of the tube isn’t mod podged (you don’t want to glue it together!) then pour glitter on it, let it set for a few minutes and then add another layer of mod Podge to make it non-shedding glitter. 

Super simple, have fun glaming your lipstick tubes!