Sexy Summer Arms Workout

We are all looking to tone up our arms for summer and this is a pretty fast way to do it, you can start seeing results in a week! Do it for a month and voila beach ready arms. These are pretty simple moves and you can use anything from a soup can, to jugs of milk if you don’t have free weights lying around. I personally love arm workouts and it’s something that I aim to have in shape every summer, even if nothing else of me is in shape lol. It just gets way too hot to wear sleeves all of the time, but who wants fat blobs hanging out of their shirts, ya know!?

Anyway, I hope you appreciate my  talent in drawing stick figures.


Tricep kickbacks, stand with your feet hip width apart and knees bent slightly (not allowing your knees to go over your toes) and a flat back, bring your hands into your chest, then press them back to your back.

Shoulder fly, stand with your knees hip width apart, elbows raised to shoulder level, bring arms into the center of your chest, then back out, keeping them even with your shoulders the entire time.

Weighted arm raise, stand with your feet hip width apart, and arms relaxed to the side, in a straight motion bring your arms up to shoulder level and slowly back down, control the movement.

Bicep curl and press, stand with your feet hip width apart, keeping elbows close to your sides raise your hands up to meet your shoulder, then slowly turn your arm and press out, bringing your arm back to your shoulder and back down.


I’ve lost 3 dress sizes and I’m starting to get my abs back – ask me how!

1004027_581397645239045_1810989617_n 1month <– that’s me in one month

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