Younique Makeup – Foundation, Mascara, Pigments, BB creams and more!

Alright, so by now I’m sure you all know that I love two things; health and makeup.


I am in love with Younique makeup, their foundation, mascara, pigments, BB Creams and more are all naturally based and are so much better for your skin and for you than store bought chemically based junk.

Most people want to be healthier, but they also want to look good, you only have one chance to give a first impression, so let’s make sure that your face makes a good one!

ImageToday I placed my order for their brand new foundation! I’m SUPER excited to be getting this because I have sensitive skin and all of the store bought foundations give me some kind of reaction, so I can’t wait for this to come in 🙂 They have a cream version and a powder version 🙂 Woohoo!

Check it out here,

Get Sexy Summer Abs

Photo by Russ Anderson

Photo by Russ Anderson

It’s spring time! That means everyone is going to be working and doing their best to achieve those sexy summer abs! A lot of people start doing those situps and crunches in the hops that a 6 pack will pop up. But I’m here to tell you a secret, you can do 8 million crunches but if you have fat over top of your abs you’re not going to be able to see them! So in order to get that 6 pack that you’re dreaming of you have to clean up your diet!

Here is a sample 1 day menu for ridding fat from your body.

2 scrambled eggs
1/2 fresh grapefruit

1oz of almonds

Salad with avocado and grilled chicken


Low fat Greek Yogurt


Lemon pepper salmon with sweet potato fries

Foods that target weight loss and help things like intestines and reduce cortisol levels which will specifically target the fat loss in the stomach area.
Note: Make sure you are eating proper portion sizes!

Dark chocolate
Flax seed
Olive oil
Peanut butter
Nonfat Greek Yogurt
Sweet potatoes
Lean protein; chicken/beef

Make a menu for a week, pre-plan your meals for the week and you’ll be on your way to a flat belly in no time!

For more in-depth information check out the Flat Belly Diet from Prevention!