I’m back! (Plus how to pack your carry on!)

Hey Everyone!

I know I’ve been MIA the past few days. It’s because I went to New Jersey and NYC for a conference 🙂 I met a TON of awesome people and had a great time! While I was there everyone asked me if I would do a tutorial on how to pack your bags. I packed everything for the weekend in a small carry on duffle bag, which is apparently really not a common thing to do, but I hate checking bags and wanted to just be able to grab and go. So before I left the hotel, I laid everything out and took some pictures so that I could show you how I packed my bags and hopefully help you on your next trip 🙂

How to pack for a weekend trip

So there you have it, how I packed my bag for the weekend!

Need a TSA approved bag and containers? Click here! 



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