DIY Temporary Tattoo For Kid Safety

Alright, so it’s summer time and summer time means lots of fun. Whether it’s going to amusement parks, the zoo, on vacations or whatever it may be, you want to keep your kids safe. I was thinking, you know, what would be a good way to keep Ana (my daughter) safer? What if she somehow slips out of my fingers and I lose her amongst the crowd? Now I’m very good at watching my daughter and keeping her with me at all times, but a mom worries all of the time! They always want their kids safe. So I came up with this idea which I personally think is amazing.


All you need is a fine point sharpie or sharpie-like pen, write “if lost call” and your phone number, then put some liquid bandaid on top, let it dry and you have a water proof temporary tattoo that should last for about a day 🙂 If your handwriting isn’t so great, you can get some Temporary Tattoo paper here  and print your info off (make sure it’s backwards so it shows up right when you put it on!) and then put liquid bandaid on that after it’s transferred. Voila, more safety for your kids 😀



51 thoughts on “DIY Temporary Tattoo For Kid Safety

  1. I always did this with my children , the baby is 24 now but i always put the information just under there sleeve where not just anyone could see “its a danagerous world out there ” i taught them how to show a grown up or a police man if they were lost

  2. I too always put a note in their sock before putting on the shoe. I would tell the boys where the note is and what to do if they were separated from their teacher. I did this for school trips and when going with someone else. Why the sock instead of the shoe? If the shoe is knocked off in an accident, the note is safe inside the sock. The hospital would remove the socks and find the info. My boys are now 30 and 26 with little ones of their own.

  3. Laurellikesit says:

    I just tried this with both a ballpoint pen and a sharpie and both smeared so bad when I applied the liquid bandage the numbers were unrecognizable… I tested it both times with my finger to make sure the ink was dry before painting it on…what am I doing wrong?

      • When I did it I let it dry for about 30 seconds or a minute. I’m not sure if the rite aid brand is different from the name brand liquid band aid at all, I can check it out and see if that’s what is causing the issues. We also did it for fun temporary tattoos for the kids and didn’t have any issues

      • I did look up the differences of the brands and each liquid bandage seems to have a different main active ingredient. I’m not sure if this active ingredient is what is causing the smearing, but it is possible. We only ever used the SkinShield because it was what was the cheapest at our stores. In a few days I can do the “Temporary Tattoo’s revisited” and use different products and see what does/doesn’t work.

      • Laurellikesit says:

        I will look for that brand around here then. I was actually wrong it’s CVS brand but you might be right about the ingredients… I didn’t think that it would make a difference. My little guy was so sad when I had to take the “tattoo” off! Thanks for looking into it!

  4. KNaught says:

    we put our phone number on shoe labels from etsy – they go inside the shoe – and then taught our kids to use that if needed. great to keep kiddo safety in mind!

  5. Lindsay says:

    I actually bought all my boys color-coded luggage tags to attach to their belt loops for trips to crowded places, with their names and my phone number, and in the case of one boy, pertinent allergy info. This would be great in a pinch, though!

  6. romanym91 says:

    This is a fab idea, and I hope you don’t mind but I have featured you in my blog post! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Just make sure to do a test even with liquid bandage and inks to see if not allergic to either one my son was allergic to the liquid bandage so just test first but a great idea

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